Salty Shakespeare goes International

It has been a wild few months for Salty Shakespeare.


Nancy went to Argentina June-August, to try her hand at making Salty Shakes go International.  It didn’t take a lot of effort. Turns out Argentinian actors were eager to hit the streets, splattering the Bard all over Buenos Aires.

Okay. We never got arrested (came close a couple times), though it was a miracle, considering how Petruchio threw Kate around. Perhaps that speaks to the macho Latin thing. In any case, actors Mara Meter and Guillermo Jauregui slung verbal graffiti all across the famous Obelisco in the center of the city, BOTH in Spanish and in English! Girls at a stoplight giggled as Guille shouted, “For I am he, born to tame you, Kate!!” And clapped his hand over her mouth to prevent her protests. Of course, she bit his hand to free herself, and thus began a lengthy chase through several pedestrian streets. Nancy even got an Argentinian businessman, Christian Lopez, to try his hand at HENRY V. 


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