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Salty Shakespeare in the News!

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The Audience is Talking...

The most incredible performance of Shakespeare I have ever seen!  Loved the modern twist and the entire cast was AMAZING!  Broadway may have been closed down for the hurricane this weekend, but the real talent is on Venice Beach!

You & the young players, with the Bard's great words, were doing what Theatre should do. DISTURB THE PEACE!!!

I roared. This is all that art should be. Kudos to you and your valiant foursome of lovers.

I so wish I had seen that!!! Bravo, you upstart happening revitalist. now THAT is theatre.

That is incredible. All that Shakespeare should be. Bravo!!!!!!! Yes!!!!

How awesome. Happy you're breaking the law via shakespeare. 

What a fabulous adventure! Shakespeare Lives!!! Alive and well at the Santa Monica Mall. We should all send letters of protest and insist that they bring this brave troupe back.


The best true story ive heard in a lonnnnng time!!

"This made me laugh!"

Awesome! (That's my UNOFFICIAL response, of course. Next time you'd better have a permit, dagnabit!) (From a NYC D.A.)

Ahahahahahhahahah!!!! Oh I want to be there! I want to come see the show so bad!!! It's amazing what y'all are doing! So much love,

"Anne Bogart talks about "arresting" theatre. I'm not sure this is what she had in mind, but the essence strikes me as similar!"