Corporate-SS_web.jpgSalty Shakespeare is bringing its brand of shock and awe to corporate events and conferences.


Because if you've ever experienced "death by PowerPoint" at sales meetings, board meetings or corporate off-sites, you know that there is a desperate need for people in corporate settings to wake up. The days of automatic pilot are over. Disruptive Thinking is the dominant value - in life, in work, in the marketplace.

Salty Shakespeare provides event planners a clear and compelling signal that what will happen today will be different from the past. Attendees are primed to embrace change, create and assume new challenges.


Salty Shakespeare actors are in and among the attendees, no costumes or extra makeup. At a signal, several of the actors erupt from the crowd, interrupting say, breakfast. These actors are trained to talk to each other AND to the people around them - their "audience". The scene will be from some part of Shakespeare's work that touches on themes of the conference, for example, persuasion, perseverance, commitment, loyalty, gain...

The "disruption" of the scene in their midst causes gears to screech. Neural pathways to tangle. There's no neat box to put this event into. Meeting attendees may be slightly shocked and a bit uncomfortable. Just where they should be for work around disruptive thinking. They're primed.

Nancy Linehan Charles, Artistic Director of Salty Shakespeare, comes out to prod attendees to define what just happened. She leads the group in discussion and exercises that expand on the feeling of being awake and of being open to new ideas and methods. A conclusion with a reference to the objectives of the event and how the attendees aliveness and creativity is essential.

The Salty Shakespeare logo is not "Erupting, Interrupting, Disturbing the Peace" for nothing. Nancy's mission is to kick its audience out of their complacency and emphasize the power of disruption, in life, in invention, and in the marketplace.

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'Hamlet' On An Elevator? The Bard Gets A New Venue
It only took Pamela Switzler three floors to catch on. "I was like, they're doing Shakespeare," she says. "It was awesome the whole ride down... Actually, when we were done and the doors opened, I wanted to clap."

Boulevard Bard
"It's unlike anything I've ever done before. Standing 3 feet away from someone and pouring your soul out to them, they naturally pour out their souls back," says Hirsh, who played the role of a street-rapping Puck in "Midsummer,. "The electricity of it is out of control. It's the ultimate rush."

Salty Shakespeare
"And finally, look out for SALTY SHAKESPEARE, a flash-mob-style company that will interrupt your daily life with a bit of the Bard all over LA. Don't be surprised if you suddenly run into Hamlet in Echo Park, or Much Ado About Nothing at the Grove."
June 2013, page 158